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Heart & Soil LLC is for those whom are all about the soil you don’t just live on, but also grow on. More than a garden, it is where you and your family grow. For me, there is a time and a place. A home where your heart truly can be at home. Raising my children my much needed space was inside more than out. As time progressed I could not seem to find enough quiet space outside and the space inside seemed less important. Outgrowing my home was only a concept when I looked out my back door. Plain and simple, my heart needed more soil.

Now, as times change we believe the vision of home ownership should too. The perfect home goes beyond the location and amenities when you take the time to invest in your family’s future. Whether a large lot with a home and views of a country sunset or a skyrise dream that lets you keep your head in the clouds when the day is over, we can help you ensure that your next real estate investment is as successful as the soil you plan om growing on. Our additional services offered are here to help make your real estate experience as smooth and successful as possible. As my life has taken not just me, but my family on many journeys; some planned and some not so much. At the end of each chapter life changed some for the better and others that left us dusting ourselves off. One thing that never changed was the structure and unity surroundings our home. At the end of any given day you want your home to truly be where you hang your heart. Heart and Soil is more than a company. It is a brand and a lifestyle that takes the old idea of homestead roots and applies it to the modern day of lifestyle progression. Change is a given and I see blessings in change that begin with us and our lives; where we call home.

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